We can save lives together

Genosense donates a lifesaving vaccination for every five genetic analysis

Your genetic analysis saves lives in the developing countries

In the developed countries, we enjoy the new opportunities provided by the human genetics and genetic diagnosis technologies, while the poorer countries still struggle every day with the death of thousands of children, due to lack of proper medical care.

That is why we, at Genosense, are trying to help these children and donate a lifesaving tetanus vaccine dose for every five genetic analysis performed by us.

Every 9 minutes a baby dies from tetanus - vaccination saves lives

Every baby borne in a developing country is exposed a particularly high risk of tetanus infection. Unfortunately, this is so common that even today, one child dies every 9 minutes from it. However, if the mother is vaccinated before birth, both mother and child are protected from this deadly disease.

Every 5th genetic analysis = A lifesaving vaccine dose

We donate one lifesaving dose for mothers and children who desperately need it for every five genetic analysis performed by us.