Weight loss program based on your genes


Up to 2.5 times more success in losing weight

  • Analysis of 8 genetic variations
  • What contributes predominantly to obesity, fat or carbohydrates?
  • Genetically customized nutrition and exercise program
  • Report with over 60 pages and 1000+ foods evaluated based on your genes
  • Weight loss program with lifetime validity
  • Diet plan with the DNAnutriControl menu portal


Genes are the blueprint of our body, and it is estimated that obesity depends on our genes, about 80% of the cases being caused by genetic predispositions. As each of us carries other genes, some people may gain weight by absorb too much of unfavorable genes fat, while others can even have twice as much fat in the diet and still absorb only the necessary amount.

The situation is similar with carbohydrates: some people gain weight because of the carbohydrates contained in the diet, while others are completely unaffected by the amount of sugar.

The optimum amount of sport also depends on the genes. Regular exercises may help some people lose weight very fast, while for others they may be inefficient. Similar happens when reducing the calories intake. Some people easily lose weight by eating fewer calories, while for others this is a difficult process.

All of these individual differences lie in the genes, which explains why a person can have great progress in losing weight with a low-fat diet, while others have to perform physical activities to achieve the same goal.

Which program is right for you?

You can find out which program is the right one for you, thanks to the new possibilities offered by human genetics. Your genetic profile shows what foods you should avoid, and what you can eat without hesitation. You will also learn the optimal amount of sports and daily calories, that will allow you to quickly reach your desired weight and then maintain it.

How much athletic sport and endurance sport do you need?

In a weight loss program, not only fat is reduced, but also the muscle mass, a process that can be worsened by certain genes. To counter this, people should follow different athletic sports / muscle building programs.

An optimal diet plan can be developed based on this information, which leads to 2.4 times more weight loss in average. Everyone is different, so it is important to find out where the genetic weaknesses are, and how to use genetic strengths to lead a healthy, long life.

Eat what you like

***Sie erhalten eine auf Ihre Gene abgestimmte Liste mit mehr als 600 N..***

Weight gain and weight loss techniques

Based on the human genetic analysis of your saliva sample, our scientists evaluate your genetic profile and prepare a customized weight loss program.

The analyzed genes

The analysis includes eight genes that have an impact on your optimum weight loss program: FABP2 (rs1799883), PPARG (rs1801282), ADRB2 (rs1042713), ADRB2 (rs1042714), ADRB3 (rs4994), FTO (rs9939609), APOA2 (rs5082), APOA5 (rs662799)

What questions can this analysis answer?

Eight genes are tested as part of this analysis, which will provide answers to questions about obesity and weight loss:

Your genetic predisposition to obesity!
Is obesity caused by fat, in your case?
Is obesity caused by carbohydrates, in your case?
How strong is the Yoyo-Effect in your case?
Is fat deposited around the organs, in your case?
How intense is your hunger?
How intense is your satiety?
Do you tend to have a diet particularly rich in calories, due to your genes?
Do you tend to eat several small snacks, because of your genes?
How effective is calorie reduction (eating less) for losing weight?
How much muscle mass you lose by a reduction in calories?
What relationship between strength and endurance sports is recommended for you?
What can you eat without problems and what should you avoid?


  • analysis of the 8 relevant genes
  • evaluation of your innate qualities
  • ***Auf Ihre Gene angepasstes Abnehmprogramm***
  • ***Mehr als 1000 Nahrungsmittel nach Ihren Genen bewertet***
  • ***Bericht mit mehr als 60 Seiten***
  • Results of the molecular genetic analysis
  • Free access to DNAnutriControl diet portal

Attention: a doctor must be consulted when the BMI is bigger than 30.*

Studies have shown that a program designed base on the genes, considering the same effort, is in general

***2.5 Mal mehr Erfolg***

than a standard program.

Recipe book

Book for Weight Sensor

This is not a diet plan with foods that you do not like, but your own, personalized recipe book.

The DNA + weight program allows you to easily lose weight with absolute flexibility. You will not find here a diet plan with foods that you do not like.

Whether you want to maintain your weight or lose weight, the recipe book makes it easy.

The DNA + cookbook can be ordered only in addition to the DNA + weight analysis, as this analysis determines your genetic metabolic profile. From this result, your genetically personalized cookbook can be created, helping you to lose weight or to maintain your weight.


  • A cookbook adapted to your genes, and printed with your name
  • Over 30 daily menu plans
  • Over 200 genetically personalized recipes


Book for Weight Sensor

This is not a diet plan with foods that you do not like, but your own, personalized recipe book.

The Internet portal is the easiest way to plan your nutrition according to your genes.

The DNAnutriControl portal requires genetic data from your DNA+ weight genetic analysis, and then does all the complicated calculations for you. With a few clicks, you can plan your optimal diet for an entire week.

Plan your meals according to your genes!

The software filters out for you the unfavorable food, and informs you how much you can eat from various foods, so that you do not exceed your daily calories total number. If you do not like a proposal, you can easily replace this article with something more appropriate to your taste, only with a few clicks.

Do you want to cook something?

No problem! Choose from our 800 recipes and integrate these recipes into your nutrition plan. The ingredients are individually tailored to your genes, to reach your optimal calories distribution.

Advantages offered by the portal

  • 15,000 Ingredients & 140,000 brand products
  • Automatic shopping list
  • 800 recipes tailored to your genes
  • Plan your exercise program
  • Record your success in losing weight