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Individual micronutrients based on the genes

As an add on to the nutrition genetic test (Nutrition Sensor) you can ensure that your body gets the genetically determined optimal amount of micronutrients through the NutriMe Nutrition personalized supplements. Created on the basis on your unique genetic profile, it supplies more than 18 important micronutrients in the exact amounts your body requires.

vitamins C and E help to protect the body against oxidative stress, and vitamin B6 helps to normalize the metabolism of homocysteine. All these positive effects of vitamins are widely known, and there are many products that promise this protection for the body. These preparations are always created under the "one size fits all" principle, and offered in the same dosage.

This was until now the only way, since the actual individual nutrient requirements could not be measured. Today, we know that some people have a higher risk of a risk of osteoporosis (more than twice as high as the average) due to genetic defects. For these people, our scientists recommend a much higher dose of bone-protective micronutrients (among other preventive measures) as they recommend to people with a low risk of osteoporosis.

Up to this point, there are over 50 known genes that increase the risk for more than 20 different metabolic problems. The proper intake of micronutrients plays a significant role in the development of many metabolic disorders, as for example, osteoporosis. NutriMe Complete is personalized for each individual, and ideally dosed, thanks to the detailed genetic analyses.

Case study:

***Ohne NutriMe Nutrition***:

A person has no idea about their genetic predisposition.

The problem::

This person has variations in the genes MTRR and MTHFR , that increase homocysteine levels and cause a predisposition for atherosclerosis.

The solution with NutriMe Nutrition:

***Folsäure, Vitamin B6 und Vitamin B13 steuern einem normalen Homocys..***

This example shows that there is no standard dosage of various vitamins, suitable for everyone.

Through our patented system, it is now possible to test these genes and determine the individual micronutrient requirements. Based on this unique recipe, we can then create a personalized mix for you.

Genetic analysis is required

***Um NutriMe Nutrition bestellen zu können, müssen wir vorher Ihre G..***


Wenn Sie bereits eine Genanalyse durchgeführt haben, können Sie ganz einfach im DNAnutriControl Shop bestellen.